Composition Work is a contemplative art therapy/coaching method to deepen emotion-awareness and explore the richness of the inner world as a guide to growth and change.  The artistic way of working allows creative experimentation and symbolic expression that reveal meanings and experiences that go beyond words.  The method is based on the internationally known theory of the Dialogical Self (Hermans, 2000) and the contemplative-aesthetic tradition of Japanese Zen-gardens.The method has been originated by dr. Agnieszka Konopka and prof. Hubert Hermans in 2006. It is used and published internationally.

For whom

For individuals who want to address questions about themselves. For Practitioners who want to apply Compositionwork in their own professional practice read more…

What People Say About Compositionwork

Kasia Gorhover

Interesting experience which works through the senses and allows to discover a landscape of emotions and thought. A garden of my own inner world. It is worthwhile.

Kasia GorhoverPoland
Peter Gabor

The training was a trigger point for the process of coming back home. Coming back home to myself. Although it causes some adjustment hardships for me and for the people around me, it feels awesome!

Peter GaborEuroguidance, Slovenia
Marja Legius

Well facilitated, step by step workshop for personal and professional learning. A creative process of discovering self. Passionate, capable and caring facilitators (Agnieszka and Wim).

Marja Legius Fontys, The Netherlands
Małgorzata Smaga-Szczepańczyk

It is a unique visual form of work with a client, especially in coaching. It gives a special possibility of looking at yourself and life from a new perspective. I sincerely recommend it!

Małgorzata Smaga-SzczepańczykErikson Professional Coach, Poland
Andrzej Tutkowski

It was very insightful to see inner patterns and areas of possible changes in my own self and hopefully in my life. These observations were spontaneous, easy and natural. Very interesting method.

Andrzej TutkowskiPoland

This is a wonderful and amazing experience to go through the emotional coaching with Compositionwork program in the past 4 days. We got a lot of tears out and joy together with the dearest teacher, Agnieszka and other classmates. It is my first time to experience how powerful emotional coaching can be when Agnieszka stepped into everybody’s heart during each of coaching session.

Highly appreciated to have such an opportunity to learn from this heart-touching teacher-Agnieszka! Thank you a lot.


Background & Features

Compositionwork is based on the internationally recognized psychological theory of the Dialogical Self (Hermans, 2000) and the contemplative tradition of Zen gardens. Compositionwork has been founded in 2006 by dr. Agnieszka Konopka and prof. dr. Hubert Hermans. It has been further developed in coaching and training and education and is applied in a variety of countries.

Important features:

  • The method uses natural symbolism as a source of self-insight and growth. In Compositionwork the inner world is externalized in a symbolic form of a landscape consisting of stones and sand.
  • Externalization is a powerful process used in compositionwork for creating insights and enlarging inner freedom. In the process of externalization personal experience is translated into a symbolic landscape that ‘speaks back’ to its creator.
  • Compositionwork uses the potential of both brain hemispheres, which optimally enhances learning processes.
  • Differentiating aspects of yourself, energies and emotions allows for learning about one’s inner richness and potential. Accessing hidden aspects and deep emotions creates change, energy and new motivation.
  • The method uses the transformational power of abstract art and creates conditions to discover the artistry in who you are
  • Compositionwork has a strong scientific basis and an integrative view on the self that guide interventions and allow to understand the mechanisms of change and development.