For whom?

    • Persons who want to explore their identity and self, its potential, possible blockages and inner conflicts.
    • People in identity transition (cultural, personal or professional) and in search of their authentic self.
    • People who want to become more mindful and aware of their feelings and emotions and who want to start living more in the present moment.
    • People who want to explore their personal qualities in relation to job demands and career development

Related questions

  • What are the sources of my strength/power?
  • What really gives me energy and what drains my energy or blocks it?
  • From what kind of motivation/energy do I do my work?
  • What helps me do my work with more passion and involvement?
  • Are the choices I make really mine or instigated by the culture or important others?
  • How do I make choices between what I “should” and what I really want?
  • What do I truly feel and really want?
  • Which aspects of myself are vital and which do I want to nurture and develop? How do I connect with them?
  • How can I become more aware of my deeper feelings and use them as sources of energy, passion, authenticity?

For practitioners, who want to apply the method in coaching, work with groups, counseling and education.

See practitioners training.