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Are you traveling through a forest of life-changes uncertain about the direction?

Life transitions, like divorce, change of job, emigration, change of life style, or search for a new form of life is an opportunity and a risk. It is potentially a process of psychological and spiritual death and rebirth, in which we need to go through inner darkness to see new light.


Composition Work Method

Composition Work

is a contemplative art therapy/coaching method to deepen emotion-awareness, presence and explore the richness of the inner world as a guide to growth in times of life changes.  The artistic way of working allows creative experimentation and symbolic expression that reveal meanings and experiences that go beyond words.  The method is based on the internationally known theory of the Dialogical Self (Hermans, 2000) and ancient contemplative traditions. The method has been originated by dr. Agnieszka Konopka and prof. Hubert Hermans in 2006 and further developed and applied by a group of international practitioners. It is used and published internationally. .

Om Yoga Shala

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Recomposing Lives



Is an initiative to support, educate, and inspire people who experience profound life changes to live in harmony with their inner and outer nature.

Our self is a composition of different parts, energies and characters. In times of life transitions it undergoes a process of transformation. How do you re-compose your life so that it can host and express a new unfolding composition of your self?


Forest Life-Change Retreats


Life Transition Retreats

Re-find your nature in contact with nature

Deepen your presence in natural presence

Recover your inner wilderness in the wilds

Nurture the animal of your soul

Find peace of the bush spirit


Jungle Retreat Book by

dr. Agnieszka Konopka 

In praise of wild wisdom

In this book, Agnieszka Konopka translates the experience of one year jungle retreat in India into psychology and spirituality of life transitions.

How to uncover your own nature through a retreat in nature? How to travel on a stormy ocean of life changes and arrive at a place of peace in your own self? How to be fearlessness with fear?

Upcoming Retreats


October & November 2021: 3 week retreat in Agonda, India, Goa


October & November 2021 1-week forest retreat in Agonda, Goa


October, November, December, 2021: Yoga and Meditation Retreat

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How to be fearless

How to be fearless?
By watching a snake of fear
creeping through the body
By taking a spectator chair
in a movie theatre of the mind

Let the fear make its film of the time
step back into the presence
Let the fear move
watch it in stillness
breath by breath
Agnieszka Konopka

You cannot see the life enclosed in a seed, it is a mystery

In times of life changes we need to open up to the unknown, hidden life in ourselves, to those seeds of new emotions and meanings that are still covered by a layer of ground. We need to hold uncertainty as a friend in our heart to discover new possibilities and parts of ourselves. You cannot see a seed and you cannot force it to open up. You cannot see the life enclosed in a seed, it is a mystery
Agni Konopka

Hurricane and megabats

What has a hurricane to do with megabats? Hurricanes put things upside down and bats live that way. And if you take the position of a bat, and look at things from upside down, you can discover a reversed order and relate to these new possibilities.
Agni Konopka

From Jungle Retreat Book

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